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Shali Zhang, Auburn University




In their new book, In Designing Libraries for the 21st Century, by H. Thomas Hickson, Joan K. Lippincott, and Leonora Crema, it says that “While many library expansions were still driven by the need for added stack space well into the 21st century, the increasing urgency to develop new learning spaces, incorporating new technologies and collaborative spaces for students, led libraries to change.” Indeed, we have witnessed that research libraries have continued looking in new ways to use library spaces to support the needs of learning, teaching, and research, with current technologies, dynamic services, and the spaces to support collaborations.

In following up a paper presented at the 41st IATUL Annual Conference in 2021, this presentation focuses on aligning new library spaces and new services with the institutional strategies, ensuring the organizational alignment, and planning new services. This presentation will share the designing and implementation process of a new service space throughout the pandemic times, the consideration of the new programs and services to be provided, and address new issues such as the needs for staffing needs, promotions, and service upgrades. This presentation also shares initial outcomes of new services, opportunities for campuswide collaborations, and new challenges in post-pandemic times.

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IATUL 2023: 43rd International Association of University Libraries Annual Conference. Dubai & Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (March 13-16, 2023)


Library and Information Science


Research libraries, Organizational alignments, Space designing, Technologies, Promotion and communication, Service outcomes