Fuzzy Energy Efficient Routing for Internet of Things (IoT)

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International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks, ICUFN


© 2018 IEEE. Internet of Things (IoT) envisions the idea of universal smart connectivity of everything between physical and digital world. Every smart device in IoT consists of a power source sensors, microprocessor and transceiver module to sense, communicate and exchange data among each other. In distributed IoT networks, the energy efficiency of the smart objects is a key factor in the overall network performance. Most of the times IoT's have to deal with low power and communication disconnection due to the limited memory, processing capability, and power. Few techniques for stringent Quality of Service (QoS) routing in IoT have been proposed despite its great impact on future network. In this paper, we propose energy-efficient possibilistic routing based on fuzzy logic model for IoT to controls the transmission of the routing request packets to increase the network lifetime and decrease the packet loss. The proposed fuzzy logic controller accepts the input descriptors in routing metrics to optimize the network performance. The proposed algorithm adopts energy-efficient possibilistic routing by using fuzzy inference rules to merge energy aware metrics for choosing the optimal delivery path. In the simulations, we verify that the proposed algorithm has longer IoT network lifetime and consumes the residual energy of each smart node more consistently when compared with the existing traditional protocols.

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Babar Shah, Zayed University