Highlighting the Future of Autonomous Vehicle Technology in 2020-2050

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ITT 2018 - Information Technology Trends: Emerging Technologies for Artificial Intelligence


© 2018 IEEE. As the world enters the age of the 4th industrial revolution, the future of work has re-emerged as a fundamental question, among policy-makers, business leaders, workers and the broader public around the globe. This is applied by accelerating innovations and adoption of ever more sophisticated automation technologies. Most of the existing research and reports have focused on the impact of automation in advanced industrial countries. In this paper, we explore the role of software engineering in autonomous transportation in 2050, its challenges and research trends. The exploration will be done through analysis of different reports and UAE government summit prediction. We intended to see the vision of the future of software engineering that prepares engineers for future emerging technology. This could contribute to the solution and design of international standards as well as increase the market confidence. In addition, this can also contribute towards a proper start-up of self-driving technology. We believe that a successful adoption of Autonomous Vehicles (AV) in developing a future automobile system will best be attained through an effective risk management strategy. As a result, the potential threat to the AV will further be investigated by industry and government entities to deal with the huge threats of cybersecurity that might face the autonomous vehicles.

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