Mobile and multidimensional: Flipping the business English classroom

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ESP Today


© 2018 University of Belgrade. An increasing number of researchers and practitioners with an interest in ESP have begun to consider the role that information communication technologies can play in the classroom. In addition, recent work in English for Specific Business Purposes has emphasized the importance of introducing more computer-mediated communication into the curriculum, in an effort to help learners to develop the skills they will need in the workplace. In this article I discuss a business English course for undergraduate students in the Gulf Region with three areas of focus, that addresses this concern: (i) it combines a flipped classroom approach and a project-based learning approach, (ii) it presents students with a series of mobile learning tasks that centre on a set of three interdependent instructional goals, i.e. interaction, production and reflection, and (iii) it allows students to develop their skills in two specific areas related to computer-mediated communication in the workplace, i.e. dealing with different audiences and selecting appropriate media. My aim is to give an account of a real classroom experience of relevance for the teaching of English for Specific Business Purposes at tertiary level.

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Catherine Nickerson, Zayed University