An Analytical Study Towards the UAE Universities Smart Education Innovated Approaches

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Proceedings - 2017 IEEE 19th Intl Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications, HPCC 2017, 2017 IEEE 15th Intl Conference on Smart City, SmartCity 2017 and 2017 IEEE 3rd Intl Conference on Data Science and Systems, DSS 2017


© 2017 IEEE. The world has become a global village and technology has a strong influence in every aspect of our daily lives and the fourth industrial revolution that will alter the way we live and learn. This inter-connectivity brings a need for greater engagement, experience and efficiency. Catch a sign on a day in a life of a student and how connectivity and technology helps enrich his/her daily activities. This research aims to study the beneficiary of adopting Smart Education technology among United Arab Emirates (UAE) Universities. This type of education is becoming a dominant in academia especially within universities around the globe. Since it was introduced, it demonstrates a significant change in educational instructional methods. The objective of this research is to investigate Smart Education instruments much as its significance and demands. This research used different tools for assessment. Surveys and interviews were conducted to group of universities learners and educators within the higher education system in the UAE. The outcome of the research has shown a significant support towards the usage of the Smart tools and technologies. The survey has also indicated that 72% of the participants preferred the technology approach within their curriculum. The research highlighted that there is a great impact of using the Smart technology tools. In the Future, the authors would like to investigate the risk of adopting such educational approach.

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