Usability analysis on Dubai e-government portal using eye tracking methodology

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Proceedings of Computing Conference 2017


© 2017 IEEE. In this study, the authors explored the usability of three Dubai e-government departments portals namely, DEWA, D.P, and RTA. using eye tracking methodology. The study focuses on understanding the users' navigation patterns on the web page content to make their first selection (click) based on a given task as well as the factors that influence their information searching behaviour. An Eye tracking experiment was designed and conducted using three most visited Dubai e-government websites to collect an eye tracking data on user's visual behaviour. The participants' search and navigation patterns and interaction with webpage contents to complete a list of representative (informational, navigational and transactional) tasks have been recorded, collected and analyzed. In addition, participants were asked to provide feedback related to their satisfaction and impression to reflect on their own user experience on the portal usability. The findings from the study indicate that several usability problems related to homepage visual design, content and navigation encountered the participants when interacting with Dubai e-government portal. Surprisingly, the study reveals that large percentage of participants never used Dubai e-services before. In addition, several user interface design issues were found that impact user performance and efficiency in terms of task completion and success rate, and overall satisfaction. A set of recommendations were suggested to improve Dubai government portal usability aspect and design from users' perspectives and expectations.

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