Configurable data acquisition for cloud-centric IoT

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ACM International Conference Proceeding Series


© 2018 ACM. In the era of smart devices, the reliance of intelligence is the abundance of data. This data is heterogeneous in nature and generated by many small-scale sensory devices. With their taskspecific nature, these sensory devices are energy efficient resources with limited computing and storage power. The effective utilization of these devices requires collaborative execution with remote storage and computing power. Internet of Things defines one such cluster formation of these devices which are single-task specific in themselves but achieves higher goals when executed in a collective environment. Data acquisition from these devices is accumulated at scalable resources like cloud where intelligent processes constitute the foundation of smart environments. However, the current implementations of data acquisition for cloud-centric IoT are driven by the APIs of the device manufacturers, resulting in platforms which are less dynamic and configurable for data acquisition. In this paper, we propose our cloud-centric methodology with the focus on configurable data acquisition from IoT. Our methodology decouples communication of data from the strategical usage of the sensory device. Thus, making it more dynamic and applicable for evolutionary smart environments.

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