Hijacked destination images? Autonomous representations of Dubai and Abu Dhabi in The Amazing Race, U.S.A

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e-Review of Tourism Research


© 2018 Texas A and M University. Dunn's (2006) discursive axes are used as a foundation for an explanatory structure that reveals the latent focus of destination images. Examined images are of Abu Dhabi and Dubai and created by The Amazing Race (TAR) television program. Dubai is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and Abu Dhabi is one of the fastest growing. Analysing manifest pull-factors, and latent images within TAR episodes and DMO promotional videos it becomes clear that TAR is hijacking the image of Dubai to a greater extent than Abu Dhabi. The emirates are, however, being presented uniquely on TAR. The implications of TARDMO inconsistencies are discussed. This means for the analysis of latent meaning within destination image presentations is shown valuable for understanding core differences and similarities. Practical uses of this analytical structure and findings are also offered.

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Russell B. Williams, Zayed University

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