The Opinion Management Framework: Identifying and addressing customer concerns extracted from online product reviews

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Electronic Commerce Research and Applications


© 2017 Elsevier B.V. Online product reviews appear in many e-commerce websites and help merchants understand any obstacles experienced by existing customers. Negative reviews can discourage potential customers, especially when such reviews appear with no response from the merchant. After the appearance of an unfavourable review, the merchant is at risk of incurring negative impact on the community of present and future customers, which can harm the business. He or she may be able to deflect this by promptly communicating any planned actions, completing them, and reporting that they are complete. The initial communication is the most urgent. When presented with a set of online reviews, a merchant's predicament is to quickly decide what tasks need to be done, which are the most important, and when each can be completed. In this paper, we describe our Opinion Management Framework that assists a merchant to quickly identify, select, and schedule tasks that can rectify issues mentioned in online reviews. We also describe an interactive web-based prototype that helps the business owner (1) to select a set of tasks with an optimal cost/benefit tradeoff, (2) to ensure that all tasks can be completed within a specific time limit, and (3) to conservatively estimate a completion date for each issue's resolution.

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