ICT, mathematics and critical thinking

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Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology


© The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology. The integration of ICT and Mobile Learning in Education is here to stay and evolve with the evolution of Technology and Teaching & Learning. The aim of this study is to focus on the impact induced by the use of ICT, including mobile devices, on learners’ Critical Thinking (CT) through the teaching and learning of mathematical concepts. The literature is crowded with various interpretations and definitions of critical thinking which makes it a challenging Learning outcome to address and assess. Consequently, CT is broken down to its main constituent skills, which are then targeted and assessed separately. A list of carefully selected mathematical problems are implemented and assessed within a class of undergraduate liberal arts students. A comparison between a classic approach and an ICT based approach, while solving the same mathematical problem, is presented. The outcome of this study forms a strong evidence to show that the integration of ICT enhances the development of learners’ critical thinking skills.

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Fayez Sayed, Zayed University

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