Variants of spray and forwarding scheme in delay tolerant networks

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IEICE Transactions on Communications


© 2017 The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers. Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN) protocols based on the store-And-carry principle offer useful functions such as forwarding, utility value, social networks, and network coding. Although many DTN protocol proposals have been offered, work continues to improve performance. In order to implement DTN functions, each protocol introduces multiple parameters; their performance is largely dependent on how the parameter values are set. In this paper, we focus on improving spray and wait (S&W) by proposing a communication protocol named a Spray and AHPGRA- based Forwarding (S&AGF) and Spray and Fuzzy based Forwarding (S&FF) scheme for DTN. The proposed protocols include a new forwarding scheme intended to extend network lifetime as well as maintain acceptable delivery ratio by addressing a deficiency in existing schemes that do not take energy into consideration. We choose the most suitable relay node by taking the energy, mobility, measured parameters of nodes into account. The simulation-based comparison demonstrates that the proposed S&AGF and S&FF schemes show better balanced performance level in terms of both delivery ratio and network lifetime than original S&W and its variants.

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