Predictors of graduate employability in Indian information technology sector

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International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management


© 2017 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd. This paper elucidates a conceptual review of the predictors of graduate employability in the Indian information technology (IT) sector. Although this sector projects high manpower requirements in the forthcoming years, developing and seeking an employable workforce has been a challenge for the majority of recruiters. As low employability hits the sector, it becomes imperative to bridge this qualitative talent supply gap. Through a conceptual review of the literature, this paper examines the employability construct, the established models and frameworks of employability and the salient factors that influence graduate employability. Subsequently, a model is proposed depicting the predictors of graduate employability in the context of the information technology sector. The study concludes that technical skills, organisational knowledge, and personal and interpersonal skills, are significant predictors of graduate employability. These macro variables further comprise of micro variables. The propositions related to these constructs are delineated for subsequent research in this area.

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