Smart meter: Toward client centric energy efficient smartphone based solution

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IISA 2016 - 7th International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications


© 2016 IEEE. Smart city applications are developed to facilitate the urbanization and massive development all over the world. This is achieved with real time responses to challenges faced by different sectors, such as health, transportation, water and energy. Smart meter is one of the smart city applied solutions, which facilitates to overcome the increased demand on electricity. This research examines smart meter in the context of energy sector to exploit its related features in the process of Demand Side Management (DSM) to facilitate energy efficiency. A smartphone application is developed that facilitate integration of client in DSM for energy efficiency. The feasibility of such application is reflected on the smart meter business model adopted in Abu Dhabi. Consequently, fundamentals are established to initiate cost-benefit analysis to evaluate the rolling out of advanced metering infrastructure.

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