Towards strategic information & communication technology (ICT) framework for smart cities decision-makers

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2015 2nd Asia-Pacific World Congress on Computer Science and Engineering, APWC on CSE 2015


© 2015 IEEE. Common themes in urban development worldwide are «smart» cities initiatives with high dependency and application of ICT technologies, which leads not only to superior and rational optimization of time and resources but to build the whole smart city ecosystem. However, the definitions of «smart» cities remain vague, with lack of holistic strategic framework to assist decision makers to avoid any possible traps such as heavy investments in ICT infrastructure without maximizing its potential, or to focus on short-term solutions without considering the long term needs. This is seriously needed as city officials usually deal with challenges of rapid developments, sustainable development, and rational management of resources. The authors studied many Smart City initiatives and interviewed a number of top ICT managers with the aim to propose a holistic strategic ICT strategic framework for smart cities, which is expected to guide cities officials in any part of the world as they plan «smart» cities' initiatives and transformation projects.

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