A fuzzy logic scheme for real-time routing in wireless sensor networks

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6th International Conference on Computing, Communications and Networking Technologies, ICCCNT 2015


© 2015 IEEE. Real-time communications is still remain a major research challenge due to the limited energy supply, limited computing power, and limited bandwidth of the wireless links connecting sensor nodes in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Due to these limitations, sensor nodes are not powerful enough to accommodate the complexity of the real-time WSNs protocol. In real-time WSNs, to increase reliability of data delivery the high hit rate and reduction of packet losses is required. To solve these problems, we proposed a new fuzzy controller based routing algorithm to optimize real-time communication in WSNs. The main objectives of the proposed fuzzy controller are 1) to reduce energy consumption among nodes in order to increase network lifetime, 2) to meet real-time packet deadline, reduce end-to-end delay and packet losses. Furthermore, the proposed scheme adjusting the transmission range of surplus nodes to shortened end-to-end delay. We show through extensive simulation results that our proposed fuzzy algorithm considerably reduces energy consumption and noticeable improved real-time performance in comparison with existing schemes.

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