The influence of media implemented into the event-tourist career model: Triyas Triathlon, Abu Dhabi

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© University of the Aegean. Using the athletes' career trajectory model, this study implements the influence of media into the trajectory of active sport event participants' decision-making process. It examined athletes' motivation, media influence, travel style and behaviours, and event selection among participants of TriYas triathlon organized in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Data were collected in February 2016 with an online survey sent to all participating athletes and descriptive statistic was used for data analyses. Results indicate that international media are followed by the majority of athletes included in our sample with no statistically significant differences between first-timers and returning participants (p=0.176). More promotion is expected in media, but on the other hand athletes do not choose sport events and destinations based on media coverage. In order to get more participants and visitors, which leads to more sponsors and media coverage our results cannot remain disregarded by sport events organizers.

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