Constructs for quality in on-line learning

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World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education


© 2016 WIETE. To develop a culture of quality and self-improvement in on-line learning, researchers argue that responsibility should be situated close to those people directly involved. The research project described here is concerned with developing a method of assessing quality that is close to faculty and students. The method is applicable to a broad range of tertiary level on-line courses, and is quick and easy to administer. In this article, the identification of the constructs that make up the model is presented. This was done by a literature research of a very large number of publications to determine the important features of on-line learning. Subsequently, the Nominal Group Technique was utilised with a group of experts during the analysis of the information in order to determine the constructs that make up the model. After a number of rounds of discussion using the technique seven constructs emerged that are considered essential in a quality on-line course.

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Maurice M. Danaher, Zayed University

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