Educational rights for learners with vision impairment in UAE higher education institutions: Addressing the gap between Federal Law No. (29), 2006, and the reality of practice

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British Journal of Visual Impairment


© The Author(s) 2016. This study explored the relationship between Federal Law No. (29), 2006, of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), concerning the rights of persons with disabilities and the reality of practice for learners with vision impairment (LWVI) in the higher education institutions in that country. The study investigated the extent to which this law meets the educational needs of tertiary LWVI and the effects of this law on the quality of support services provided to such learners. Three groups totalling 34 participants took part in this study: LWVI, support staff working at some universities, and administrators from the country’s Ministries of Education and Higher Education. Qualitative methods were implemented to collect and analyse data for this research. Interviews, observations, and documentary evidence were used to conduct the study. Data for this study were gathered during the academic years 2010-2011 and 2012-2013. Moreover, the author used her own perspective as a person with vision impairment who studied and worked at different educational institutions in the UAE to provide an insight into the data analysis. Results of the study can assist decision-makers at the Ministry of Social Affairs in the UAE to review and develop the articles relating to this area of education policy set down in Federal Law No. (29), 2006, in such a way as to meet the educational needs of such learners. It can also assist universities in the country in providing better access to higher education for learners with visual impairment.

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Muna Alhammadi, Zayed University