A new approach for assessing ABET's professional skills in computing

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World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education


© 2016 WIETE. In the fields of engineering and computing, the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) education places much emphasis on professional skills, such as the ability to engage in lifelong learning and to function successfully on a multi-disciplinary team. The recently developed engineering professional skills assessment (EPSA) simultaneously measures ABET's non-technical skills for programme and course level assessment. The EPSA is a discussion-based performance task designed to elicit students' knowledge and application of professional skills. A research project is underway to adapt the method to the field of computing and develop the computing professional skills assessment (CPSA). The CPSA consists essentially of a scenario, a student discussion of the scenario and a rubric to grade the discussion. This article describes the work completed during the first year of the project and the results of the first complete iteration. The results demonstrate that the CPSA can successfully measure the professional skills.

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