An Architecture for QoS-Enabled Mobile Video Surveillance Applications in a 4G EPC and M2M Environment

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IEEE Access


© 2016 IEEE. Mobile video surveillance applications are used widely nowadays. They offer real-time video monitoring for homes, offices, warehouses, airports, and so on with live and pre-recorded on-demand video streaming. Quality of service (QoS) remains a key challenge faced by most of these applications. In this article, we propose an architecture for mobile video surveillance applications with a guaranteed and differentiated QoS support. The architecture relies on the 3GPP 4G evolved packet core (EPC). The main components are the QoS enabler, media server, and machine-to-machine gateway and surveillance application. To demonstrate its feasibility, a proof of concept prototype has been implemented and deployed. We also took measurements to evaluate the performance. Several lessons were learned. For instance, multimedia frameworks must allow for buffering controls in media streaming to reduce live streaming delay. In addition, we have learned that publicly available materials related to the EPC prototyping platform we have used (i.e., OpenEPC) are scarce. This has made our prototyping task rather difficult.

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