Towards HSS as a virtualized service for 5G networks

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Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Network and Service Management, CNSM 2015


© 2015 IFIP. Home Subscriber Server (HSS) is the main database of the current generation's cellular communications systems. It contains subscriber-related information, such as the authentication information and the list of services to which each user is subscribed. The anticipated tremendous increase in the number of subscribers, services and devices (M2M) in 5G networks brings new challenges with regard to HSS provisioning. It calls for more scalability and elasticity regarding information storage, access and management. The current method for increasing the number of HSSs deployed is certainly not the most cost efficient solution. On the other hand, advanced virtualization techniques can aid in tackling the challenges while enabling a smooth migration to 5G. This paper proposes a new architecture for a scalable and elastic HSS using virtualization. The new architecture enables easy and rapid deployment of new HSS instances at a minimal cost, while increasing efficiency of the use of resources. The paper presents the architecture, demonstrates its use via a case scenario, describes the implemented proof of concept prototype and evaluates the performance results.

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