An RFID solution for the monitoring of storage time and localization of perishable food in a distribution center

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GSCIT 2015 - Global Summit on Computer and Information Technology - Proceedings


© 2015 IEEE. In this research we adopt a design-science approach to propose an RFID-based solution that addresses the issue of short life-time of perishable food in the distribution center of a Logistics company. Various design alternatives are explored and assessed against the system requirements and constraints to illustrate how an RFID-based solution can effectively tackle the short storage-life problem. A prototype system is developed and evaluated. The proposed system monitors the storage time of perishable food items that are placed on tagged pallets in the warehouse and triggers alerts before the maximum storage-time is reached. We also discuss a solution for the localization of a pallet whose food content has nearly reached it maximum storage time. Design principles for developing appropriate systems to minimize the loss of perishable food during their storage at the warehouse are proposed and these can act as best practices for practitioners.

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Conference Proceeding



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