Social learning on the move - A research roadmap

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2014 International Conference on Web and Open Access to Learning, ICWOAL 2014


© 2014 IEEE. While teaching using a mobile course content-management, it is not possible to decide if students are confused, bored, frustrated, surprised, focused, exhausted, angry, sad, or happy. These cues are extremely helpful to instructors in deciding whether to speed up, slow down, introduce new materials, or explain a concept in a different way. In this context, there is a strong desire to capture the social interactions between learners (i.e., instructor and student). These interactions could even arise while learners are on the move. This paper's research question is how could social applications like Facebook and Instangram help improve the learning experience? It is clear that these applications are nowadays used for "entertainment" but someone can tap into the opportunities they offer to improve instructor-student and student-student interactions. These interactions could also occur on the move due to smartphone and tablet widespread, which poses additional challenges on those who aim at providing a positive learning experience.

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