Inclusion in higher education: A case study

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Cultural Diversity: International Perspectives, Impacts on the Workplace and Educational Challenges


© 2014 by Nova Science Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. A recent racial incident at a prominent private university located in the western portion of the United States, caused outrage and protest by students and faculty alike. This outrage prompted administration to seek consultation services to: 1) determine what caused the incident, 2) understand what faculty, staff, and students are thinking, feeling, and observing about diversity and inclusion, and 3) generate recommendations to improve the climate for faculty, staff, and students. In this chapter, we will present the information in the form of a case study, based on the Diversity and Inclusion journey of this university. We will discuss the event leading up to the intervention, the intervention (survey findings of the university's faculty, staff, and students on their perceptions and behaviors of diversity and inclusion as well as areas of strength and areas for improvement), and recommendations. This chapter will also explore the outcomes of the focus groups conducted, interactions with administration, and the connection between exclusion, toxic environment, and communication. The chapter will conclude with suggestions for other organizations.

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