A wireless environmental sensor network for the condition monitoring of paper rolls at printing facilities

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International Journal of Business Information Systems


A continuous monitoring system, based on wireless sensor networks, is proposed to help preserve paper rolls at printing facilities and paper mills. The system consists of four main components: environmental monitoring nodes, a base station, an application/database server and a remote monitoring station. By continuously monitoring temperature and moisture levels, the system is able to alert maintenance staff to take appropriate actions when the monitored environmental levels go beyond their operating range. The sensor nodes can also be configured to proactively take corrective actions to readjust the temperature and moisture levels. As a pilot study, a prototype system was successfully built for the remote monitoring of temperature and humidity at a local printing facility. This study demonstrates the successful application of wireless sensors to help safeguard paper stock and reduce unplanned production down-time at printing facilities and paper mills. © 2014 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.

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Faouzi Kamoun, Zayed University
Sami Miniaoui, University of Dubai