Relation of cardiovascular risk factors with obesity in children aged 8-15 years old

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Experimental and Clinical Cardiology


BACKGROUND: Obesity is globally increasing both in adults and children with a high risk of cardiovascular risk factors that may eventually lead to morbidity and mortality. Pediatric obesity and related metabolic abnormalities are also dramatically increasing in Greek children, yet data is limited. AIM: The purpose of this study was to document the prevalence of cardiovascular (CV) risk factors and to assess whether these risk factors were associated with overweight and obesity. 344 children (178 boys and 166 girls) aged 8-15 years were included in the study. Overweight and Obesity were defined according to International Obesity Task Force criteria. RESULTS: High levels of triglycerides, systolic blood pressure and low levels of high density lipoprotein were found to be associated with body mass index, waist circumference and total body fat (P ninetieth percentile were found to have 2.89 times increased risk (95% CI: 1.31-6.42, P = 0.003) for hypertriglyceridemia (data not presented). Children with BMI > 30 kg / m2, had a 2.19-fold higher risk (95% CI: 1.02-6.15, P = 0.004) for hypertriglyceridemia. CONCLUSION: In conclusion, excess body weight is significantly related with CV risk factors. Triglycerides, blood pressure and high density lipoprotein were strong predictors of cardiometabolic status.

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