Non-HDL and triglycerides are independently associated with anthropometrical indices in a cypriot population of healthy adults

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Experimental and Clinical Cardiology


BACKGROUND: The prevalence of overweight and obesity is increasing all over the world and is accompanied by multiple cardiovascular risk factors. Anthropometrical indices are closely related with traditional cardiovascular risk factors. However, data is limited in healthy adults from Cyprus. AIM: The aim of this study was to examine the relationship of different cardiovascular risk factors with anthropometrical indices in a healthy Cypriot population aged 18-80y. RESULTS: Age, Body Mass Index, Waist Circumference and Body Fat were positively correlated with SBP, DBP and Non-HDL in both sexes. In multiple regression analysis, BMI, WC and TBF were found to be independently associated with TG in the female group, (Beta: 0.009, %95 CI: 0.001-0.018, P<0.033), (Beta: 0.005, %95 CI: 0.002-0.008, P<0.01), (Beta: 0.003, %95 CI: 0.001-0.007, P<0.046), respectively. In the male group, age and BMI were the only variables that have been found to be independently associated with Non-HDL (Beta: 0.527, %95 CI: 0.209- 0845, P<0.01), (Beta: 0544, %95 CI: 0.44-1.045, P<0.033), respectively. CONLUSION: Non-HDL and triglycerides seem to be independently associated with various anthropometrical indexes. Public health awareness and nutrition education are needed in order to monitor these CV factors.

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