A multi-service multi-role integrated information model for dynamic resource discovery in virtual networks

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IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, WCNC


Network virtualization is considered as a promising way to overcome the limitations and fight the gradual ossification of the current Internet infrastructure. The network virtualization concept consists in the dynamic creation of several co-existing logical network instances (or virtual networks) over a shared physical network infrastructure. One of the challenges associated with this concept is the dynamic discovery and selection of virtual resources that can be composed to form virtual networks. To achieve that task, there is a need for a formal and expressive information model facilitating information representation and sharing between the various roles/entities involved. We have previously proposed a service-oriented hierarchical business model for virtual networking environments, as well as an architecture enabling its realization. In this paper, we build on this business model and architecture by proposing a multi-service, multi-role hierarchical information model, for virtual networking environments. Furthermore, we demonstrate the usage of this information model using a secure content distribution scenario that is realized using REST interfaces. Unlike other proposals, our integrated information model enables the fine-grained description of virtual networks and virtual networking resources, in addition to the modeling of network services and roles, and their relationships and hierarchy. © 2013 IEEE.

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