An analysis of entrepreneurship across five major nationality groups in the united arab emirates

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Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship


The paper investigates differences in entrepreneurial activity, attitudes, aspirations, connectivity and behavior among nascent entrepreneurs across five key nationality groups residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It also seeks to identify key differences between entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs' perceptions and attitudes toward entrepreneurship. More than 8000 adult residents were randomly surveyed as part of the GEM UAE studies conducted in 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2011. The findings indicate that the temporary residency status of expatriate workers has not prevented them from becoming entrepreneurs in the UAE. Arab expatriates in particular, have higher entrepreneurship rates compared to other nationality groups. Sharing a common culture and language appears to play a part in increased entrepreneurial activity. Moreover, socioeconomic factors like income and employment have a significant influence in determining entrepreneurship activity in the UAE. Regardless of nationality, entrepreneurs have more in common with each other compared to non-entrepreneurs in regards to their attitudes, connectivity and activities related to entrepreneurship, suggesting some homogenizing force that exists within the entrepreneurial population of the UAE. © 2012 World Scientific Publishing Company.

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