Towards a women's entrepreneurship century: The uae case study

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Proceedings of the European, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems, EMCIS 2012


Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE's founding father, has said, "Women have the right to work everywhere." Emirati Women play a vital role in family life, and they are part of the ongoing evolution of the UAE. The UAE is remarkable in having the highest rate, around 77%, of women in higher education in the entire world. They have proved that they attain better academic results at every educational level than men. It is no wonder that this increasing number of educated women in the UAE is reflected in the number women entrepreneurs produced, which can affect the economic growth and development of the UAE. Although the context in the UAE encourages women to become entrepreneurs, the participation of men in business growth is greater than that of women, due to the family commitments of women and the long working hours needed to run a business. In this paper, we look at how technology could be used to raise awareness about entrepreneurship among women in the UAE. Interviews have been conducted, the results of surveys have been analyzed, and an interactive application has been developed for this purpose.

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