Political participation: General problematiques and theoretical issues

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Journal of the Social Sciences


This study seeks to raise some theoretical problems associated with the concept of political participation. It also raises some important issues related to the major cognitive shifts occurring in the field of comparative politics. Perhaps the most notable of these issues is the question regarding the definition of the concept and its new trends. The paper tries to challenge the liberal concept of participation in order to make it more appropriate for all cultures and regions. Thus, it includes non-traditional, political activities, which were never covered by the classic literature of comparative politics. This study is concerned with explaining political activities of citizens, and also takes into account the developments brought about by the technological revolution and its contemporary political effects. Finally, the study raises the issue of the right to participate in development and highlights the requirements for participation and the obstacles that stand in its way.

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Hamdi Abdulrahman Hasan, Zayed University

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