Towards the unification of success measures for enterprise systesm (ES)

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Proceedings of the European, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems: Global Information Systems Challenges in Management, EMCIS 2010


Enterprise Systems (ES) implementation are complex undertakings and usually require large amount of money to acquire and implemnet. Many studies have reported successful implementation of ES in the organizations and making changes to the overall performance. However, problems in successful implementation of Enterprise systems and not getting the desried results have been discussed by many academicains as well. Success is a difficult construct to identify because it is multidimensional, dynamic and relative. Many issues have been are reported due to to inappropriate measures of success, overemohasis on financial performance and lack of theoretical grounding. An integrated model has been proposed in this paper to measure the success of ES. The items of each consturct for this mdoel will be validated and tetsed through the mail based surveys.

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Tariq Bhatti, Zayed University

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