Classification of Al-Hadith Al-Shareef using data mining algorithm

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Proceedings of the European, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems: Global Information Systems Challenges in Management, EMCIS 2010


In this paper we compared the effectiveness of four different automatic learning algorithms for classifying Al-Hadith Al-Shareef into 8 selective books depending on Sahih BuKhari.The automatic learning algorithms are Rocchio algorithm, K-NN algorithm (K- Nearest Neighbor), Naïve Bayes algorithm and SVM algorithm (Support Vector Machines). We used TF-IDF technique to compute the relative frequency for each word in a particular document. We split the documents of AL-Hadith in such 75% of AL-Hadiths (1350 Hadiths) are used as training data (build the classifier) and the remaining 25% of AL-Hadith (150 Hadiths) are used for testing the accuracy of the resulting models in reproducing the manual category assignments.The average of words in each document is about 5to10 words.

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Manar Alkhatib, Zayed University

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