The role of laptop as a platform in an outcome-based learning environment

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Proceedings - International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line Learning, eLmL 2009


The advancement of technology along with expanding expectations of students, faculty, employers and society at large presents a growing challenge throughout higher education as institutions strive to enhance learning environment. Recently, many institutions around the world are using laptops in learning. The ZU laptop initiatives aimed to improve the quality of education by providing anytime, anywhere learning environment that helps students to be active and independent learners, using laptops as potable libraries, laboratories, and communication ports, extending their educational reach well beyond classroom walls, and providing 24 hour student access to learning resources. This paper presents a discussion and findings from a case-study conducted at the College of Information Technology of Zayed University. Results show studying in a laptop learning environment helped students be more confident in expressing their ideas, develop their communication skills, and most importantly be independent learner. © 2009 IEEE.

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Emad Bataineh, Zayed University
Abdallah Tubaishat, Zayed University