A case study: Adoption of information technology in e-business of United Arab Emirates

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Proceedings - ICEBE 2007: IEEE International Conference on e-Business Engineering - Workshops: SOAIC 2007; SOSE 2007; SOKM 2007


This research conducted to identify factors that affect e-commerce adoption among people of United Arab Emirates. The focus of this research is to discover at what extent security and privacy factors contribute to the adoption of e-commerce. This study has been designed to explore why online shopping is growing so fast among some users, and so slowly among others. 2051 questionnaires were distributed by using different media such as email and Internet to the subjects and received back only 21% questionnaires from respondents. The result shows that all of the independent variables played important roles in determining the adoption of e-commerce and created a gap between users who are adopting e-commerce and those who have not. The finding also shows that there are two significant factors, making an impact on the adoption of e-commerce, which are the user's educational background and their understanding of security features implemented by the vendors. © 2007 IEEE.

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Fahim Akhter, Zayed University