The employment of Pygmalion myth in Arabic poetry

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Dirasat: Human and Social Sciences


This paper constitutes a second part to a previous one entitled The employment of Pygmalion myth in ancient and modern Arabic poetry. It deals with poetic texts by Ali Mahmoud Taha and Mani' Sa'id al-'Utaiba. Following the same theoretical framework and poetic visions embodied in the first part. The study of these modern texts shares and interlaces with the previous one in many meeting points, thus enriching each other. In addition, the texts, the subject of present study, have a certain characteristic in common that it puts them within the same category. It is the humanization of the myth. While previous poets chose to make use of certain motives of the myth namely the kiss and the statue ignoring its details, our two poets 'Ali and 'Utaiba, made use of the myth's structure and the tale making some changes into the myth's details. Finally, we find all poets, old and modern, tried to hide the myth as source of their writings.

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Hani Nasrallah, Zayed University

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