Dynamic management of UDDI registries in a wireless environment of web services: Concepts, architecture, operation, and deployment

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Journal of Intelligent Information Systems


This paper presents mechanisms for the dynamic management of the content of several Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) registries. These mechanisms are deployed in the context of a wireless environment of Web services. By content, it is meant the announcements of Web services that providers submit to a UDDI registry. Unlike other initiatives in the Web services domain that consider a single UDDI registry and a wired communication infrastructure, this paper is concerned with the fact that: several UDDI registries are deployed, there is no wired communication infrastructure between the UDDI registries, and absence of a centralized component for coordinating the UDDI-registries. The solution presented integrates users and software agents into what we call messengers. Initially, software agents reside in users' mobile devices and cache a description of the Web services that satisfy their users' needs. Each time a user is in the vicinity of a UDDI registry, her software agent interacts with that registry, so the details stored on Web services are submitted. © Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2007.

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