The cross-cultural challenges of adopting b2ce-commerce in middle east, europe, north americaand africa: An exploratory study

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Association for Information Systems - 12th Americas Conference On Information Systems, AMCIS 2006


In this paper we present a cross-cultural comparison on the adoption of online shopping based on gender, region, employment, time spent on the Internet, users'perception on security icons with a special emphasis on the notion of trust. The study was conducted to track cultural differences in how users perceive online shopping. The collected data was analyzed to extract Internet usage patterns among European, North American, Middle Eastern and African users. Once online vendors have an understanding of who is online, they need to focus on consumers'p erceptions and expectations towards their business. The expectation is that if the consumer decision-making process can be understood, online vendors will have much better idea how to serve customers around the world. The composition by gender and its impact by specific region is analyzed and discussed. Significant differences were found in respect of Internet usage, time spend on the Internet, and employment status, between European, North American, Middle Eastern and African users.

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Fahim Akhter, Zayed University

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