E-government implementation: A comparative evaluation of websites maturity

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Proceedings of the European and Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems, EMCIS 2006


E-government projects are getting a strong attention from the UAE government, keen on using this technology to facilitate its services to citizens and customers. In Dubai, e-Government's target is ambitious: it is required that over 90 per cent of the services on offer from the key government departments in Dubai are offered online by the end of 2007. E-government projects can easily be put at risk if projects lack government support, if a solid information infrastructure is not developed so that customers can use this technology, if the user involvement is not significant at the implementation stage AND if poor attention is given to business process integration. This paper discusses learnt experiences in current e-government websites implementation.s experiences. It initiates a study of egovernment in the U.A.E, based on the four stages European model. Finally, the paper addresses the importance of mapping the internal business processes with the new technology (i.e. e-government) in governments.

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Conference Proceeding


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Selma Limam Mansar, Zayed University

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