Infrastructure for mobile learning environments

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Proceedings of the International Conference on Information and Knowledge Engineering , IKE'04


Adoption of wireless technology and availability of a verity of personal devices have transformed human learning and communication habits. First generation of learning management systems only meet limited needs of distance learners. These systems lack features such as interaction with teachers and peers, collaboration activities and opportunities to share experience. These features are available in a traditional classroom environment. Wireless technologies have enabled users to conduct their business while they are on the move. To support user and terminal mobility, there has been some research in the area of communication infrastructure to enable users to communicate from anywhere, at any time from any device by proposing unified communication networks (UCN). In this paper we investigate the impact of user and terminal mobility on computer supported cooperative learning system (CSCL). We propose infrastructure components needed to create a CSCL system that can provide classroom equivalent experience to mobile users.

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Arif Bhatti, Zayed University
Miroslaw Majewski, Zayed University

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