Modeling the performance of an outcome based educational framework

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ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings


In this paper, we introduce an Outcomes Based Educational model that has been adopted by Zayed University, a newly established institution in the United Arab Emirates. We provide an overview of the learning outcomes assessment courses used to support and assist students in their development of the university learning outcomes. We introduce the assessment process and the e-portfolio. The academic program model is a new concept that uses the outcome-based approach and the grade point average technique. This hybrid model is complex and includes many unsolved issues. In order to understand and clarify some of these issues, we propose to use neural networks that provide a mathematical model. To simplify the complexities of the academic model, we use a reduced map of the relationships between students' activities and the learning outcomes to be used in the assessment process. The model is tested using students' works. The neural networks based model is used to help decision makers improve the educational model.

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