English as an international language, TEIL and the needs of pacific rim countries

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Asian Englishes


Peter John Hassall, originator of the TEIL approach, introduces his model of English as an International Language and TEIL developed in Hassall (1995, 1996a & ff.), which has been influential in shaping the development of curricula, methodology and the academic community at International Pacific College (IPC), New Zealand. An exposition is provided of the way this model may cater for both elementary and advanced users of the language through the combination of implicit and explicit methodologies for EIL, which comprise the TEIL approach. Discussion of the different strands of a degree major in EIL is outlined, to demonstrate the breadth of the present approach that is able to generate a curriculum pertinent to the needs and interests of students from the Pacific Rim Countries. An earlier version of this paper Hassall (1999e) was presented at the The Asia Pacific Conference on Tradition and Change in Higher Education (APEC2) in Portland Oregon, USA. English as an International Language and TEIL, as offered here, are contextualised within the discipline of World Englishes, as propounded by the International Association for World Englishes. © 2001 ALC Press, Inc.

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Peter John Hassall, Zayed University