Analysing the future of Zimbabwe's academic libraries: From their historical past to preparedness for current realities and requirements

Judith Mavodza, Zayed University


The functions of academic libraries and librarians are evolving due to rapidly changing globalized information environments. This chapter explains the development of academic libraries in Zimbabwe reflecting a realization of their importance to every institution of higher learning. The implication, for the Zimbabwe librarian, is therefore to continuously find ways of re-tooling in order to remain relevant and proactive in order to be able to meet or anticipate new needs and demands that result from a knowledge-driven academic environment. The reality is that libraries in Zimbabwe face big technological challenges and lack adequate funding while pursuing their desire to support the academic community in a competitive manner. However, the motivation to support academic communities in an effective and efficient manner keeps them on the lookout for opportunities. Enhancement of librarian training and national investment in education, and specifically support for libraries and librarians, can contribute towards the reinforcement of human capital development programmes. © 2014 The editors and contributors All rights reserved.