Destination Brand Positioning Theme Development Based on Consumers’ Personal Values

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Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research


© The Author(s) 2020. This research note reports an investigation into the personal values that are salient to consumers when considering stopover destinations during long-haul travel. The findings, from personal interviews using the Repertory Test and laddering analysis, present destination marketers with potential brand positioning themes based on personal values. One of the greatest challenges facing destination marketers is developing a succinct brand positioning theme representative of a multiattributed entity that effectively differentiates from competing places offering similar attributes and benefits. It is argued that the development of a brand identity based on personal values, which subsume a myriad of attributes and benefits, has the potential to appeal to a broader range of travelers. This study, in the context of international stopover destinations for Greek travelers, replicated a similar investigation undertaken in the context of Australian domestic short-break holidays. The commonality between the findings of the two studies supports the development of a proposition that a relatively small number of personal values are relevant across different destination travel contexts. This could represent a solution to the challenge of developing a brand positioning theme that will be relevant across different markets and will appease the diversity of stakeholders at the destination.

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