Developing a green curriculum for introduction to information technology course

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Advances in Science, Technology and Innovation


© Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020. No one can deny that information technology courses can be an excellent initiative for increasing the awareness of environmental and health problems. Hence, information technology instructors play a critical role in spreading awareness of green technology and reinforcing sustainability. The Introduction to Information Technology (IIT) course contains many topics that can be directed in an intelligent way to spread awareness about sustainability. In this paper, we suggest a detailed curriculum for the IT course that converts a standard curriculum into a green one. The goal of this curriculum is to produce a new generation that is aware enough about the role of technology in our life and its impact on the environment. The course topics will be the answers to the following questions. First, how to avoid the negative impact of technology on health and the environment. Second, how to decrease the negative impact that cannot be avoided or find a solution for it. Finally, what are the alternative green computing techniques that can be used to increase sustainability? The proposed curriculum should involve the instructor and the students. Both should collaborate in a set of activities that will give society a generation with high awareness of green computing and sustainability.

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Sanaa Kaddoura, Zayed University

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