Security techniques for intelligent spam sensing and anomaly detection in online social platforms

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International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Copyright © 2020 Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science. All rights reserved. The recent advances in communication and mobile technologies made it easier to access and share information for most people worldwide. Among the most powerful information spreading platforms are the Online Social Networks (OSN)s that allow Internet-connected users to share different information such as instant messages, tweets, photos, and videos. Adding to that many governmental and private institutions use the OSNs such as Twitter for official announcements. Consequently, there is a tremendous need to provide the required level of security for OSN users. However, there are many challenges due to the different protocols and variety of mobile apps used to access OSNs. Therefore, traditional security techniques fail to provide the needed security and privacy, and more intelligence is required. Computational intelligence adds high-speed computation, fault tolerance, adaptability, and error resilience when used to ensure security in OSN apps. This research provides a comprehensive related work survey and investigates the application of artificial neural networks for intrusion detection systems and spam filtering for OSNs. In addition, we use the concept of social graphs and weighted cliques in the detection of suspicious behavior of certain online groups and to prevent further planned actions such as cyber/terrorist attacks before they happen.

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