Exploring the value co-destruction model for on-line deviant behaviors of hotel customers

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Tourism Management Perspectives


© 2019 Elsevier Ltd This study aims to build a value co-destruction model by exploring the online deviant behavior of hotel customers. Desire for revenge and desire for recovery are considered mediators. Hotel guests in notable Taiwan locations were surveyed via the Internet (no. = 601 valid responses). This study finds that negative emotion indirectly impacts negative electronic word of mouth (eWOM) with desire for revenge as a mediator. Furthermore, desire for recovery has the potential to mitigate the impact of negative emotion on negative eWOM. However, the desire for recovery is less intense than the desire for revenge. Based on these findings, this study concludes that emotion, by itself, does not result in action. Respondents only commit negative eWOM because they want to hurt the firm that wronged them. Respondents are also willing to entertain the idea of service recovery. However, desire for revenge is a stronger mediating factor.

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