A Novel CT-Based Descriptors for Precise Diagnosis of Pulmonary Nodules

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Proceedings - International Conference on Image Processing, ICIP


© 2019 IEEE. Early diagnosis of pulmonary nodules is critical for lung cancer clinical management. In this paper, a novel framework for pulmonary nodule diagnosis, using descriptors extracted from single computed tomography (CT) scan, is introduced. This framework combines appearance and shape descriptors to give an indication of the nodule prior growth rate, which is the key point for diagnosis of lung nodules. Resolved Ambiguity Local Binary Pattern and 7th Order Markov Gibbs Random Field are developed to describe the nodule appearance without neglecting spatial information. Spherical harmonics expansion and some primitive geometric features are utilized to describe how the nodule shape is complicated. Ultimately, all descriptors are combined using denoising autoencoder to classify the nodule, whether malignant or benign. Training, testing, and parameter tuning of all framework modules are done using a set of 727 nodules extracted from the Lung Image Database Consortium (LIDC) dataset. The proposed system diagnosis accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity were 94.95%, 94.62%, 95.20% respectively, all of which show that our system has promise to reach the accepted clinical accuracy threshold.

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