MHD boundary layer flow of Carreau fluid over a convectively heated bidirectional sheet with non-fourier heat flux and variable thermal conductivity

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© 2019 by the authors. In the present exploration, instead of the more customary parabolic Fourier law, we have adopted the hyperbolic Cattaneo-Christov (C-C) heat flux model to jump over the major hurdle of "parabolic energy equation". The more realistic three-dimensional Carreau fluid flow analysis is conducted in attendance of temperature-dependent thermal conductivity. The other salient impacts affecting the considered model are the homogeneous-heterogeneous (h-h) reactions and magnetohydrodynamic (MHD). The boundary conditions supporting the problem are convective heat and of h-h reactions. The considered boundary layer problem is addressed via similarity transformations to obtain the system of coupled differential equations. The numerical solutions are attained by undertaking the MATLAB built-in function bvp4c. To comprehend the consequences of assorted parameters on involved distributions, different graphs are plotted and are accompanied by requisite discussions in the light of their physical significance. To substantiate the presented results, a comparison to the already conducted problem is also given. It is envisaged that there is a close correlation between the two results. This shows that dependable results are being submitted. It is noticed that h-h reactions depict an opposite behavior versus concentration profile. Moreover, the temperature of the fluid augments for higher values of thermal conductivity parameters.

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