Swings in the economic relations between Egypt and the UAE

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Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies


© 2019, Council for Social and Economic Studies. All right reserved. The economic relations between Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are often viewed as stable and well established. Yet, in the past 45 years, these relations have experienced significant swings. Maintaining solid economic ties with the UAE is essential for Egypt. The benefits of these relations come in the form of economic and political agreements along with important investment projects that have created thousands of jobs for the Egyptian economy. The existing literature is primarily focused on the economic relations between Egypt and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries in general and it either relies on a particular aspect of this relationship or has analyzed a specific time period. This paper is a first in investigating the different aspects of the economic relations between Egypt and the UAE since the 1970s. We provide a comprehensive assessment of these relations under different political regimes and argue that politics has played an important role in shaping the economic relations between the two countries.

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Suzanna Elmassah, Cairo University

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